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English Training

All course material is carefully designed and adapted to the specific English Language requirements of the participants, your company and the industry in which your company operates.

Your company's language requirements are addressed and built into each session. We focus on specific elements depending on our assessments of the participant. The following elements feature in all our courses: Communication and Language Skills, Pronunciation, Practice and Confidence Building.

Individual Courses

Individual English language courses are designed for professionals who have yet to attain the desired level of Business English. The aim is for employees to communicate with international clients using terminology particular to their specific work-related interests. Individual language training is ideal for those who need an intensive, one-on-one course. The participant is required to speak English exclusively during the whole of the course.

Individual courses are designed for employees who need to attain the English level of their group or department, and would benefit from an intensive, one-on-one course. It is also ideal for professionals participating in multinational discussions, attending conferences and giving presentations.

The individual course is specifically interesting for those who will be working with international colleagues and need to develop face-to-face communication skills.
The course is designed to suit the needs of the particular individual.

Duration of the Courses

This often requires a one-hour lesson three times a week over four consecutive weeks. The individual participant will be required to to do at least two hours per week of self-study on work-related assignments that will be outlined during the period of the course. Individual courses can be shorter, longer or more intensive, depending on the needs of the participant.


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